Monday, April 19, 2010

*~*~*~*~*Our Home/Visits**~*~*~~*

We are very much a schnauzer family. We are dedicated to providing only the best start in life for your baby.

Our babies are raised in our home.  I wouldn't have it any other way. They are under my constant supervision including a baby monitor so I can hear them at night and a TV monitor so I can see them while in other parts of the house. For the first 2weeks our puppies are spoken to, loved and cuddled several times per day. We also start our early neuro stimulation on day 3 and continue to day 16. During this time our eyes open. Starting at 3-5 weeks of age we get moved into our larger play area so we have lots of room to move around. We also get introduced to the litterbox.We have "puppy playtime" daily. During this time they are allowed to explore inside and after our first set of shots, outside.

Our grown dogs have their own play area in our back which they enjoy when out. They have a very large basket of toys to play with that is rotated to prevent boredom. They are crated only at night for sleep. No cages and pens here! When cold weather strikes they have access to their area in our garage for shelter or home.

I had somebody that wants to be placed on my wait list for next year ask me this "If I were to come to your house unexpected right now, what would I smell"....I appreciate all my questions that I get. For the many parents that have had the opportunity to visit my house know that you probably would smell bleach or my Circle E candles burning. I am picky about cleaning down the puppy room 3 times a week with bleach water, bedding daily (more if needed) and papers and litter once or twice daily. Dishes and bowls are ran through the dishwasher after each use. Blankets are washed daily. Because my pups are in my house living with us, it is imperative that nothing smells.
We do not offer tours of our dog areas. This is our home and would not be appropriate for me to come "check out yours" before I sold a puppy to you. You have to realize that our dogs are not used to being around small children and although their pups make wonder family pets that doesn't mean that mine will enjoy being around yours.

We welcome visits after pups are 6 weeks and you have completed a questionnaire and we have checked references etc. This is for our protection, for our pups protection and for health reasons. Thank you for understanding.