Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dental Care

Dental care is so important beginning in puppies into adulthood. A huge improvement can be seen in reducing calculus reformation following a dental cleaning by applying ProVSeal™ (KBA, Los Angeles, CA) hydrophobic “dental wax”. The professional wax is applied by a veterinarian to all clean dry tooth surfaces in the anesthetized patient while the wax is very warm to assure thorough coating. (This procedure is similar to a “hot wax” treatment on your car.) ProVSeal™ home care “wax” is applied twice weekly to the outside of all upper teeth with a finger or an applicator.
All home care is more easily accomplished by holding the muzzle closed with one hand and applying the home care product (wax, tooth brush, gel application) with the other. The ProVSeal™ makes other home care much easier.
One of the most logical ways to promote dental health is food. Everyone is going to feed their dogs. Hard kibble is preferable to soft food or food mixed with water. Calculus accumulation is typically less with dry food. Some foods are formulated to help control plaque and tartar buildup. It is best to select a food that has been shown to reduce tartar buildup.
Good housekeeping practices such as washing food and water bowls in hot soapy water daily, washing long muzzle hair weekly, and keeping the dogs areas clean are essential.