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Stud Contract

Schnauzers Of Taylor

It should be noted that this Contract defines the responsibilities of both parties to the Contract, that it is made and signed to assure the well-being of the animals involved and their progeny, and that it constitutes full agreement of the parties with regard to breeding of the Schnauzer bitch and Schnauzer stud listed below.
ON THIS DATE, ___________________________________________ this Contract is made between_______________________________________ currently residing at ___________________________telephone number ( )_____________________,

Owner(s) of the Schnauzer stud:
Registered Name_______________________________________________
Call Name ______________________________ Whelped__________________________________
AKC #________________Color _______________
Sire ____________AKC #___________________________
Dam __________________AKC #___________________________,

[STUD OWNER(S)], and__________________________________________________
currently residing at________________________________________,
telephone number ( ) ______________________,
Owner(s) of the following Schnauzer bitch:
Registered Name_______________________________________________
Call Name ______________________________
Whelped __________________________________
AKC #___________________ Color _______________
Sire _____________________ AKC #___________________________
Dam ____________________ AKC#___________________________
[BITCH OWNER(S)], for the purpose of breeding said bitch to the Schnauzer stud.

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BITCH OWNER(S) agree(s) to provide:

__legible photocopy of the AKC registration certificate of the bitch,
__proof of DNA certification through AKC,
__legible photocopy of her pedigree, and
__proof of current shots and wormings.

BITCH OWNER(S) also agree(s) to have the bitch bathed, groomed, and free of fleas or parasites before delivering bitch for breeding.

STUD OWNER(S) reserve(s) the right to refuse stud service if the bitch:
__Is not AKC registered,
__Is not DNA certified through AKC,
__Is deaf,
__Is not sound in temperament and/or conformation, or
__Appears unhealthy, obese, or in poor condition.

STUD OWNER(S) agree(s) to house the visiting bitch in a safe and comfortable environment with all necessary precautions unless otherwise agreed upon; however, STUD OWNER(S) will not be held responsible for her injury or loss.

STUD OWNER(S) guarantee(s) to practice due diligence in providing the necessary environment for an actual mating (and “tie”) ONLY, and do(es) not guarantee pregnancy nor puppies, living or dead, will ensue from this mating. BITCH OWNER(S) hereby release(s) from responsibility STUD OWNER(S),descendents and heirs from any and all liabilities and/or damages to said bitch while she is in the care of STUD OWNER(S).

If the bitch fails to be in whelp (pregnant), BITCH OWNER(S) must give notice not later than sixty-five (65) days after the date of mating. STUD OWNER(S) agree(s) to provide a repeat stud service for no additional stud fee to the same bitch in her next season, or another bitch with approval of the STUD OWNER(S), under the same terms of this Contract in the event that two or more puppies do not result from this breeding.

STUD OWNER(S) reserve(s) the right to charge a boarding fee at the rate of $7.00 per day, after the seventh (7th) day.

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BITCH OWNER(S) hereby agree(s) that this Schnauzer bitch will not be bred to any other male dog during her heat cycle, other than the stud listed herein, and that utmost care will be taken to ensure that she is not bred to any other male after stud service has been provided.

BITCH OWNER(S) agree(s) to pay any and all incurred expenses, including stud, bitch, veterinarian,
delivery, boarding, and any other miscellaneous expenses, if required, associated with or
incurred for the purpose of breeding this Schnauzer bitch, and acknowledge that STUD OWNER(S) is/are not liable or responsible for any expenses incurred in association with the breeding of this Schnauzer bitch.

BITCH OWNER(S) certify(ies) that (th)he(y) will not sell offspring from this breeding to any agent, pet store, puppy mill, kennel, or individual or agent of an individual whose purpose is mass production, wholesaling or retailing of Schnauzers, i.e., any mass-producing kennel or business. BITCH OWNER(S) will immediately pay a penalty of $500.00 to STUD OWNER(S) for each puppy offered in breach of this condition. Puppy also shall be sold with only limited AKC registration unless prior arrangements for approved home are made. The bitch owner (breeder) agrees to be responsible for the offspring of this litter and to take puppies back if necessary.

Payment of the stud fee shall be:
$ ___$750_____ U.S. Dollars, payment due upon breeding and the
STUD OWNER(S) agrees to sign(s) the litter AKC limited registration papers.

There will be no refund of stud fee in part or in full.
A live litter shall be construed as two (2) live schnauzer puppies, and they are alive at seven (7) days of age or will constitute a breeding at the bitche’s next heat/season to the above-named stud. STUD OWNER(S) are not responsible for medical conditions of the bitch resulting in deaths of the puppies after day 7.

This Contract will remain valid and may be enforced by STUD OWNER(S) until such time as this Contract is fulfilled. This Contract does not extend beyond the $750 payment for stud services and the guarantee of 2 live births until day 7.

Should it become necessary to enforce any part of this Contract by legal means, appropriate attorney’s fees, court costs, and all travel expenses will be the responsibility of THE OWNER(S) of this schnauzer bitch. This Contract will be deemed a legally binding
Contract, and is under the jurisdiction of the state of Texas, in the county of Williamson. It is further agreed that the place of venue shall be Williamson County, Taylor Texas

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I/WE, THE OWNER(S), hereby certify that I/we have read this Contract in full, understand its complete contents, and agree to it fully.

Signed and witnessed, this _____________ day of _____________________, 20_____.
Bitch Owner _____________________________________
Stud Owner _____________________________________
Donna Irizarry or agent

City, State, Zip
Telephone Number