Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pick Up

For our parents that would like to pick up their puppy by flying in their private plane, Taylor does have a airport that we would be happy to meet you at. We are located just about 5 minutes away.

For more info:

Local Pick Up: We do not ship puppies, we want to meet you face to face. You must pick up your puppy at our home. Another option is for you to fly to Austin and return your Miniature Schnauzer puppy with you in the plane's cabin. If a health certificate is required by the airlines,there will be another $35 fee.
Schnauzer puppies are small and can ride in a carrier that fits under your seat. There is a $75 service fee for this option, which covers my expense for the trip to the airport to deliver the pup to you. We also have lots of people drive to our home to pick up their Schnauzer Puppies from other Texas cities such as Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Corpus Christi, and also from surrounding states such as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How To Groom A Schnauzer

I use the Oster Turbo with 2 speeds and a #10 blade for the back and face. The legs are scissor trimmed. I also store my blade in the blade wash. Use could use a can of blade cool to cool the blades down during use.
**I don't recommend pulling the hair out of the ears though. You can use blunt tip scissors.