Saturday, August 29, 2015

Learning Program at SOT

Schnauzers Of Taylor is proud to incorporate all of these for our puppies and moms.

Prenatal Care: We take care in providing a non-stressful and loving environment for our expecting moms. Stress can be passed on to puppies. We offer a good balanced diet, holistic supplementation, exercise and attention to help ensure puppies a better start in life.

Prenatal Massage: Studies show that expectant moms who receive massage during pregnancy are more docile. Pups who come from moms that are never petted are scared and receive human attention by being scared. We also offer aromatherapy and soothing music in the nursery.

Puppy Observation:By observing pups from birth we get a better feel of their personality. I have proven right over the years by watching how pups suckled will help determine their personality.

Early Neuro Stimulation Exercises: The “Super Dog” Program. Based on years of research, the military learned that early neurological stimulation exercises could have important and lasting effects. Their studies confirmed that there are specific time periods early in life when neurological stimulation has optimum results. The first period involves a window of time that begins at the third day of life and lasts until the sixteenth day. It is believed that because this interval of time is a period of rapid neurological growth and development, and therefore is of great importance to the puppy.

There are 5 specific exercises. These exercises impact the neurological system by kicking it into action earlier than would be normally expected. The result being an increased capacity that later will help to make the difference in the dogs performance. These include: Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate), Stronger heart beats, Stronger adrenal glands, More tolerance to stress, and Greater resistance to disease and cancer.

Touch: Babies are handled from the moment they are born until the moment I hand them to you. We believe that the more human touch the more your puppy will want it from you. Their eyes and ears are closed until about day 10. We use this time to stimulation them with our exercises and touch.

Sounds/Smells/Textures: We introduce your puppy to different sights, sounds and smells. Getting them used to them early helps them not be frightful as a adult. The vacuum cleaner is a big one for dogs. The hair dryer  and the cooking smells of food. These are things that they should be introduced early to desensitize.

Field Trips: Pups have the opportunity to visit the vet several times and we use this time as a way for them to have outside socialization. The big black magic bucket can be carried into the vet office and after people sanitize their hands are asked to pet the puppies. A trip by our local feed store also offer stimulation.

Litterbox Training:No puppy wants to have to go potty in the area they are being raised. We introduce the litterbox at 3 weeks of age. They are so smart and take to it. It makes raising a litter of pups much healthier than allowing them to walk all over their feces.