Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Meet our standing stud Armani. We were very blessed to be able to add this little guy to our breeding program for you.
Armani was born on June 24th, 2008. He should size down our minis for you and add a thicker coat. Megan is using Armani for the Happy Tails 4 H program. He is training in obedience, confirmation and Rally.
His eyes have been re-certified (CERF) and are perfect. He weighs 12 lbs and is 12x12....we call him the perfect 12.
He is such a love bug and so crazy about our son.He loves to be carried and snuggled. Hopefully Armani can father a couple more litters for us before his retirement. What a awesome guy.
He also loves his mommy's Poochie Cakes that she makes for him.

***CERF eye re-certified ****Excellent Eyes****
*** DNA Certified****
Armani's CERF Eye Certification

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Letters Of Recommendation

"Do you realize that your expertise and attention to the high quality of your doggie care is actually a ministry that blesses   the rest of us? Excellence! Thank you for the snaps - I've kept every one." Alison

" My name is Verlener Allen and we are the owner of Jada. How do I begin? Miss Jada is a jewel. I did not grow up with animals but married a dog lover. My husband always brought home pit bulls because that is what he always owned. The last one we had grew too big and we could no longer enjoy our backyard. Knowing that we “had” to have a dog, I researched breeds and then breeders. I found Schnauzers of Taylor and found a jewel. The Irizarry’s produce quality Miniature Schnauzers. When we first went to Taylor to meet Jada, I fell in love. I must admit that I still love her. She has blended into my family and she is treated as though she is human. My parents, who are not dog lovers, are smitten by Jada as well.

"She has the best temperament of any dog that I have ever seen and she is super smart. All of the qualities that you are looking for can be found in the litter that you are considering. Jada knows the sound of my daughters school bus when it stops at the stop sign. She lets us know when someone is in the driveway and even if the neighbors are outside late at night making too much noise. She barks just long enough to get your attention. She is laid back and very independent. " Verlener

"Yes indeed our Lilly Belle is from an earlier litter of Tessa and Armani. We are so crazy about Lilly Belle that we are just down right silly.She's beautiful, loving, funny, healthy and is in charge of our family" Terri

                                                     Enzo (Pausha x Armani litter April 2011)

(In Loving Memory of Barb (1948-2011), she passed away 10/6/11, Enzo was blessed to have her as a loving mommy for almost 4 months. Now he is spoiled rotten now by daddy! Glad to of known you Barb, I sure enjoyed our skype visits and the lotion you brought me)

"Decided in the Spring that I wanted to get a mini black schnauzer puppy. I searched online for sites who had black minature schnauzers. We found Quality who had several breeders in Texas. The one that impressed me the most was Schnauzers of Taylor. I was most impressed by their website. I sent an e-mail, put in an application, and was approved for one of their Babies. The puppies were born April 8, 2011. I asked for the runt, who was a male, and that is the one we chose. The following weekend we had our first Skype meeting with Donna and our Enzo. Love at first site. We again Skyped the following weekend to see his progress.Then at 3 weeks of age we got to meet Enzo when Donna opened her home to us. Donna kept us updated on his progress and development through pics, Skype and updates on her website.

We picked up Enzo when he was 8 weeks old. He has won us over completely. He is smart, loving and just plain adorable.

Our entire experience was very positive. Donna was and is available for any of our questions. She provided us with all the necessities to having a new puppy. We can reach her anytime if we have questions. Her website also has many excellent tips for raising a puppy. I have never met any breeder who loves her dogs as much as Donna"

Thank you,

The Kapela Family

We have 3 Schnauzers of Taylor babies. These are the healthiest, sweetest & happiest Schnauzers in the USA! Donna and her family put a lot of love in their dogs.

I had interviewed several breeders, before I talked to Donna. She stood out among them all. I was most impressed with how protected she was of her babies. They are part of their family. We were so excited when we found out our family had been approved for a Schnauzers of Taylor baby!

When our extremely anticipated wait was over and we could finally bring Sammy home, Donna made it easy. She made sure we had everything we needed. Sammy had everything he needed to make his transition. He still has his blanket and toy he brought with him, from his momma!

Today, we have Sammy, Tucker & Annie. We have never had an health issue. They were all easy to potty train. It's amazing how they share toys, bones, even food bowls.

Thank you Donna for your dedication and love for your dogs. Thanks for sharing them with our family!

The Thorpe Family

Beaumont, Texas