Friday, April 20, 2007

*~*Did you know?*~*~

This is just for fun...
What we use/do for a litter of 7 puppies (Stars Over Texas)!
This is pups only, not mom.

24 rolls of paper towels
1 large box trash bags
2 small rolls trash bags
5 bags of 40 lb Litter
1 washer of items daily (blankies,bed, washcloths stuffed toys and rugs)
40 lb Adult Food
20 lb Puppy Food
4 wormings per pup
7 shots
7 microchips/registration
Clip 16 toenails x 7 puppies 3 times
3 trips to Vet per pup, Flying pups get one more trip.
Poop from litter box 5 times per day(or more)x 35 days x 7 pups
Wash/Sterilize area daily
Clean water 3 x per day
Feedings 3 x per day
2 bottles of Lemon Pine sol
6 baths each x 7 pups
Small clippings x 7 pups in important areas
5 Full clippings before leaving
2 Around the edges clippings before leaving
AKC paperwork, New puppy packets, collars, blankies, book airlines, purchase crate(Rex)
Millions of kisses! :0)