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Letters Of Recommendation

"Do you realize that your expertise and attention to the high quality of your doggie care is actually a ministry that blesses   the rest of us? Excellence! Thank you for the snaps - I've kept every one." Alison

" My name is Verlener Allen and we are the owner of Jada. How do I begin? Miss Jada is a jewel. I did not grow up with animals but married a dog lover. My husband always brought home pit bulls because that is what he always owned. The last one we had grew too big and we could no longer enjoy our backyard. Knowing that we “had” to have a dog, I researched breeds and then breeders. I found Schnauzers of Taylor and found a jewel. The Irizarry’s produce quality Miniature Schnauzers. When we first went to Taylor to meet Jada, I fell in love. I must admit that I still love her. She has blended into my family and she is treated as though she is human. My parents, who are not dog lovers, are smitten by Jada as well.

"She has the best temperament of any dog that I have ever seen and she is super smart. All of the qualities that you are looking for can be found in the litter that you are considering. Jada knows the sound of my daughters school bus when it stops at the stop sign. She lets us know when someone is in the driveway and even if the neighbors are outside late at night making too much noise. She barks just long enough to get your attention. She is laid back and very independent. " Verlener

"Yes indeed our Lilly Belle is from an earlier litter of Tessa and Armani. We are so crazy about Lilly Belle that we are just down right silly.She's beautiful, loving, funny, healthy and is in charge of our family" Terri

                                                     Enzo (Pausha x Armani litter April 2011)

(In Loving Memory of Barb (1948-2011), she passed away 10/6/11, Enzo was blessed to have her as a loving mommy for almost 4 months. Now he is spoiled rotten now by daddy! Glad to of known you Barb, I sure enjoyed our skype visits and the lotion you brought me)

"Decided in the Spring that I wanted to get a mini black schnauzer puppy. I searched online for sites who had black minature schnauzers. We found Quality Dogs.com who had several breeders in Texas. The one that impressed me the most was Schnauzers of Taylor. I was most impressed by their website. I sent an e-mail, put in an application, and was approved for one of their Babies. The puppies were born April 8, 2011. I asked for the runt, who was a male, and that is the one we chose. The following weekend we had our first Skype meeting with Donna and our Enzo. Love at first site. We again Skyped the following weekend to see his progress.Then at 3 weeks of age we got to meet Enzo when Donna opened her home to us. Donna kept us updated on his progress and development through pics, Skype and updates on her website.

We picked up Enzo when he was 8 weeks old. He has won us over completely. He is smart, loving and just plain adorable.

Our entire experience was very positive. Donna was and is available for any of our questions. She provided us with all the necessities to having a new puppy. We can reach her anytime if we have questions. Her website also has many excellent tips for raising a puppy. I have never met any breeder who loves her dogs as much as Donna"

Thank you,

The Kapela Family

We have 3 Schnauzers of Taylor babies. These are the healthiest, sweetest & happiest Schnauzers in the USA! Donna and her family put a lot of love in their dogs.

I had interviewed several breeders, before I talked to Donna. She stood out among them all. I was most impressed with how protected she was of her babies. They are part of their family. We were so excited when we found out our family had been approved for a Schnauzers of Taylor baby!

When our extremely anticipated wait was over and we could finally bring Sammy home, Donna made it easy. She made sure we had everything we needed. Sammy had everything he needed to make his transition. He still has his blanket and toy he brought with him, from his momma!

Today, we have Sammy, Tucker & Annie. We have never had an health issue. They were all easy to potty train. It's amazing how they share toys, bones, even food bowls.

Thank you Donna for your dedication and love for your dogs. Thanks for sharing them with our family!

The Thorpe Family

Beaumont, Texas

Hello, my name is Baxter & I am almost 7 months old. I enjoy long walks at the dog park; frozen carrots & the animal planet channel 24/7.

I am very proud of my "au natural" tail; I get lots of compliments & I like to wag it alot.

My mommy Holly Berry & my daddy Armani sure took good care of me. They made sure I was strong & healthy & mature enuff before they let me go to my new home. My G'ma Donna made sure my new parents knew "everything" I was up to; she kept track on her blog so my new parents were wise to me.

The vet said I was perfect in every way.

So, if you are thinking of getting one of my brothers or sisters ... I know you will be just as happy as my new parents are with me.

"Course it helps that I am adorable, too :)


DFW, Texas

Proud parents of AKC Female "RAVEN OF ARMANI...QUEEN OF ASHES" born January 20, 2010 "Cupids Sweethearts" litter

My name is Kimberli Mikkelson & I am a vet tech for Haltom City Animal Services where I have been been employed for almost 4 years. I am also certified with the Texas State Dept. of Health Services as an animal control officer. I volunteer as a vet tech and surgical assistant once a week for Broadway Animal Clinic under Dr Jimmie Gill , graduate of Texas A&M, and who has practiced for over 40 years in Haltom City, TX. I have a B.S. in Horticulture from Tarleton State University and have 20+ years of animal husbandry experience having been raised on a cattle and sheep production ranch.

While I work for a city animal shelter & I promote saving homeless pets, I see firsthand why so many pets become homeless. Dumping and surrendering due to irresponsible and BAD BREEDING! as well as untagged animals with IRRESPONSIBLE owners.

Most people think it is so fun and easy to have a litter of pups. They NEVER count on there Lab having 17 puppies, their Pit Bull having 13 & not feeding them or the beautiful Golden Retriever that is now bred to the neighbors Rottweiler losing 1/2 her mix breed litter to parvo or some other unvaccinated disease AND the mom dying due to an infected uterus.

These things won't ever happen with Schnauzers of Taylor dogs.


A puppy whose sire and dam have been health screened many generations back and certified for health with the papers to prove it. Donna's have!

I support responsible people doing research and getting involved with a breeder like Donna who is OPEN and HONEST about all aspects of their operations and

their reasons for breeding. Donna is!

I support people who are willing to invest time and money in a pet and track its every day of growth and development with their breeder. Donna does!

WHY? Because having worked for an animal shelter for almost 4 years, I can assure you that the puppy that has love, time and money invested in it as well as the requirements that Donna will ask of you, will NOT end up in my shelter or any other for that matter.

My puppy lives behind locked gates with fences that are check frequently, wears 4 tags AND is microchipped. Yes, I said 4. Name tag, rabies tag, home again tag, registration tag and I know that all my information is current with Home Again. Donna starts you off right because she registers your pet with home again BEFORE you ever pick it up and pays for it for the 1st year.

She has given your pup its first set of shots and WILL PROVIDE you the proof. (puppy mills and bad breeders do not do this)

our pup has been to the vet at least 2 times in the short 7 weeks before you ever pick it up.

The 1st is when it has its declaws removed and its tail docked before day 4 and it receives its 1st well check from the same vet she has used for over 7+ years. She will welcome you to call her vet for recommendations.

With a history in animal husbandry & growing up in the ranching business raising cattle and sheep, I was taught very early on the INVALUABLE lessons of breeding for health, correct size and the ability of a mother to care for her offspring.

After raising 2 wonderful male mini schnauzers who were NOT akc registered and having them both neutered due to teeth problems and height issues my husband John and I knew we were in love with the breed but wanted to find a QUALITY breeder who loved the dogs as pets not as money mills.

So began my very long and arduous hunt for this type of breeder. I looked intently for 2 years following the advise of other people whom I knew that bred different breeds and of the veterinarians I knew and trusted.

I emailed, called and tried to set up visits with over 12 other breeders in 3 states over 2 years in my search for the "right" pup. As a vet tech who understands first hand the need for cleanliness around litters and new moms, I so appreciated Donna's invitation to visit her and her home where she breeds and loves her dogs, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. You see, she puts the health of the litter and new mom before any need to place a puppy.

Donna never breeds a female without having each puppy a home BEFORE they are even produced in the womb of the dam. THIS IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST QUALITIES I can think of in a breeder.

She never makes promises, instead she offers HEALTH GUARANTEES that the sire and dam are certified healthy and that is it is her firm belief all puppies will be as well. Given Donna's job in the health profession she seeks the best for all her dogs. She is a firm believer in natural holistic remedies, NOT over vaccinating as well as early mental and physical stimlution of the litter. When you take the time to view her ENTIRE website you will learn what I mean about her beliefs. You do not build a website like she has overnight. Serious time and research is involved before she adds anything to her site. She will email any company or person and ask them for all history to back up there statements and if they do not email her back she will not use their information.


DO NOT LET THIS BE A DETERRENT if you are hoping to someday own one of Donna's special dogs. I was extremely happy to do anything Donna asked of me.

I supplied all she asked of me, plus a bit extra.

Take advantage of her questioning you. She does it of EVERY person applying. This ensures that the pup YOU may be blessed with someday is loved. It also will ensure that you and your family get the right dog for you. By learning as much as possible about you she will know which of her females has the right tempermant and physical qualities to produce the highest chance of you getting what you want.

From the moment the litter is born, Donna uses all her experience to key in on each puppies qualities. NEURO STIMULATION is an amazing thing that Donna and each member of her family works on with each puppy in each litter.

Donna's daughter Megan is active in the Texas 4-H program with the Mini Schnauzers in agilty classes and is very involved in the nurturing and stimulation of all puppies.

.In Schnauzers of Taylor and Donna Irizarry you will find the most honest, open and intelligent breeder out there.

Donna and I sent many emails back and forth. I was extremely adament in what I wanted in my 3rd schnauzer pup.

AKC PUREBRED, SOLID BLACK (I did not want any white on the chest although AKC allows for it) with a HISTORY of producing blacks, DNA certified, certified for no eye problems (which can be present in some schnauzers), gentle personality and the ability to purchase breeding rights.

This was a red flag for Donna as she is SO STRONG in her belief to continue for TRUE breeding and that her dogs do not end up as "millers".

She had met MY requirements, but the time came for me to meet HERS. We emailed for 6 months.

I was required to explain my desire to breed my pup in the future, my knowledge about breeding and health, recommendations from my veterinarian as well as another person who could support my abilty to provide for my future pup.

My husband and I drove from DFW to Taylor a total of 3 times in about 5 months after our deposit for a puppy was accepted. We only stayed for an hour the first and second time and round trip it was 4.5 hours. It was worth it each trip. Each one was full of adventure. The 1st trip, I was so nervous to meet Donna, but she is so down to earth she will put you right at ease. We also met "Armani's Chocolate Thunder" that would sire our hope of a new pup.

The 2nd trip was to meet the pup Donna had thought might be right for us. On this trip we bought bad gas on the way home and had to have our car towed all the way back to DFW.......it was still worth the trip. The 3rd and final trip was to pick up our beautiful pup who had been called Raven now for 3 weeks.

In RAVEN, Donna has produced a sound healthy and very smart pup with strong schnauzer qualites. Remember Schnauzer means....nose in german. These are rat hunters. Raven killed her 1st rat at 9 wks, 2nd at 12 wks, 3rd at 14 wks and 4th and largest rat at 2 months. She also brought them all TO me. She was proud of her work. I was so excited. Not only had she eliminated all of our rats under our shed, she had proven Donna's stong genetic TRUE breeding. While ratting is not a quality the family pet may need, the person who wishes to use their pet in EARTHDOG TRIALS or AGILITY TRIALS sees the potential. This is one of my goals with Raven.
I groom my own schnauzers and have to say that the super coat is AMAZINGLY quick to cut. Her eyebrows and beard grow faster than either of my other schnauzers or any of the other dogs I groom. Your groomer will love the coat as much as you do.

There is so many wonderful things I can say about Donna and have tried in this letter. Lastly, I want to say that I am truly blessed to have her come into my life through Raven. She is there as my breeder when I have questions but has been there as a friend when I have needed prayer. May you be blessed by your experience with Schnauzers of Taylor and Donna because John, myself and our kids have been.

Kimberli Mikkelson



I found Schnauzers of Taylor on Puppyfind.com. I have to tell you that I was nervous finding a breeder online due to all the horror stories you hear of. I viewed the SOT website and was impressed with the information and detail that was provided. Still hesitant, I called Donna to discuss the puppy. One phone call and I was convinced that I had found the breeder that I was looking for. Schnauzers of Taylor and Donna Irizarry are professional, dedicated and truly love what they do. As they state, they are hobby breeders. But they are very serious about their hobby. They provide only the best care, environment and love to the dogs and puppies. In return, they expect the same from the new puppy owners. Donna wanted to know exactly where her "fur baby" was going and, I am sure, she was as nervous as I was not knowing me. Donna and I worked very hard to get this puppy to Newfoundland. I have to say that there were times when I thought it was impossible but Donna would not give up. I am so thankful for all that Donna has done for me and my family. We have a new addition - a fur baby as Donna calls her - we call her Jetta :-) My little boy calls her his best friend and everyone just loves her.

She is intelligent, healthy, happy, bouncy and has a personality as big as the moon. It's amazing how much joy can come from one little puppy. SOT truly breeds superdogs. I would, and have recommended SOT to my friends. Jetta's half sister is now our next door neighbor. I met Donna Irizarry as a breeder but I am happy to now call her a friend - or Jetta's "Texas Grandma". She is the most conscientous breeder I know and I am sure you that once you have a Schnauzers of Taylor puppy, you will feel the same way too.

Susan, David, Wyatt, Liam and Jetta Fowler
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Hey Donna,

So, three years later..................haha.............

Bella Roo has just been a hoot to have in this household. As you know, I have an Anatolian Shepherd who outweighs her by 100 pounds, yet she manages to keep him in line. He's very gentle with her, but teases her just like a big brother, and when she's had enough, she'll bite his ear or neck and just let him have it with her yapping and scolding. If he tries to walk away, she gets louder and makes him come back until she's finished with him.

You know that I always called her Roo.......well, she made the decision to go by Bella Roo. She goes to daycare occasionally (used to go once or twice a week), and they always call her Bella or Bella Roo, because this is what's in her veterinary record. One day she just quit answering to Roo; if I need to get her attention, it's Bella Roo all the way. It's like the girl in my high school who changed her name when she turned 18 because, as she put it, "Susan doesn't suit me."

I could cite many incidents to show you just how smart and independent she is. She has been a joy to live with, and I think that your early neurobiological training had a huge lifelong impact on her personality. She has no fears, she has never shown aggression (which I think frequently stems from fear), and she has never met a stranger. She was a star pupil in obedience class, if you don't count the "Heel!" command. Even the trainer just sighed and said, "You're probably not gonna get a Schnauzer to do that.......they do like to lead."

One of her daycare workers said, "We don't have to worry too much about her getting hurt or bullied. She's a Schnauzer; a Schnauzer will always let the other dogs know when she's had enough."

I once read a really good description of Schnauzers: "Always alert and ever vigilant......." That's Bella Roo! She is on top of her game from the minute her paws hit the floor in the morning. There can be nothing new, strange or different happening around here without Bella Roo letting me know about it. But make no mistake - she is NOT a "yappy" dog. She barks when necessary, never incessantly.

If you ever need to give my email address to anyone who is considering one of your puppies, I'll be glad to talk with them.

Thanks again for a fun-loving, playful dog who is also a great companion!

Laurie Bornstein

Plano TX
Scott & Karen - Texas


When I think of what a breeder should be, I think of Schnauzers of Taylor. To tell what I love about them, though, I will have to start on a sad note.

About two years ago, almost to the day, we lost Sam. He was our 10 year old, cherished Schnauzer. We all loved Sam so much. He was truly a wonderful dog. We were devastated, and my husband, Scott, said he never wanted another one. I knew I would, but not for awhile. It hurt too much.

One evening, Scott mentioned that he saw a boxer and thought maybe he would like one some day. Then he said no again, that he would never want another dog. I said, well, I know what I would want. He told me that we couldn’t have a collie in the travel trailer we were living in at the time. So, I told him I wanted a Schnauzer. Which is kinda funny, because I thought he was nuts when he told me years ago he wanted one! I asked him why he would ever want one of those. Sam taught me why! I had been thinking, but didn’t want a salt & pepper. Before this time, I didn’t know there were other colors. Don’t get around much I guess. But I had seen a black Giant Schnauzer on a dog show the week before. She was gorgeous. When Scott said he couldn’t have someone who reminded him so much of Sam, I said I was thinking of another color. He was still unconvinced, or so I thought.

Here comes Tessa.............

It wasn’t even an hour later when I realized he had been checking out breeders, and had already found Donna. Scott’s a very thorough investigator, and she passed his test. Little did we know what test we were going have to go through. Scott was fascinated with the Schnauzers of Taylor website, and I was just thinking there’s no way this was really happening. So, I tried not to get excited, and then we found out there was a litter, and a puppy available. After talking with Donna, she put us on the list as “tentative”. We live about 4 hours from them, but Scott was nearby on business when Tessa was a wee puppy, so he went to visit. He had told Donna he was just “going to look”. She was thinking, yeah right. And sure enough, he was hooked. Yep. Donna says Tessa just reached out and grabbed him! And what a sweetheart she is. Scott calls her “Love Bug” & that’s a perfect description. Vahlrona’s Tessa Rhae Brown is beautiful, sweet, smart, loving, and just an all-around wonderful dog.

“Breeders” seem to get a bad rap a lot of the time. Schnauzers of Taylor has proven to us over and over that there are great ones out there. People look at me funny when I tell that we had to have personal references and reference from our vet before she would even consider us. This tells me how much Donna loves her babies. That & the fact that she wants them back if you can’t keep them! Plus, just look at her blog for 2 seconds and tell me who rules that household. Trust me, it’s not the two legged critters! Yep, everybody spoils those babies rotten.

So, we got Tessa, and throughout our visits to their home, e-mails, telephone calls, etc., we have come to love the Irizarry’s as family. We make up reasons to get together, like breed Tessa with Armani, who happens to be our little Rhemi’s daddy. It’s always fun getting together. We laugh and laugh, and Donna thinks we almost got thrown out of a restaurant one night.

Well, I mentioned we bred Tessa with Armani. We’d been trying to stick Armani in our pocket since we met him, but somehow he never came home with us. So, it made sense to get us our own little Armani. Tessa had 6 beautiful babies, 3 girls & 3 boys.

And now, introducing Rhemi...................

Armani’s Little Pistol Remington is sweet and gorgeous like his mamma and daddy, smart as a whip, and just all around a fun guy to hang out with. He and Tessa get along great, even though he seems to get a little mouthy with her at times. He does seem to be a bit of a Daddy’s boy though. You should have seen them two the other night. Sickeningly sweet is what it was! Tessa seems to be fond of Scott too, guess I need to watch that one!

Since the puppies were so beautiful & wonderful and our Tessa was such a wonderful mommy, we bred her one more time. At this moment, she looks like she’s going to burst. She won’t tell me how many babies she has, but we will find out soon!

So, if you’re looking for the best breeder to buy a Schnauzer from, look no further. Schnauzers of Taylor is the best of the best of the best. Besides the dogs we have, I have met lots of their other dogs. In fact, poor Donna  had to literally push us out the door or hide the dogs to get us to leave. All the dogs are wonderful.

One more thing:

When I mentioned that the Irizarry’s were like family, I wasn’t just kidding. Kaci, our daughter, was thrilled when she found out they were coming to her wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, and so special to have them there. And yes, Donna did get to visit the doggies. I guess we “passed” the mommy/daddy test, because she let them stay with us!

Hi there, would be more than happy to tell you of our experience. We have had many schnauzers over the yrs, beenmarried almost 40yrs. I just love the breed, loving, very affectionate, extremely easy to train, litter box or outside. he has been here 3wks now and was completely trained to the outside in a few days. i can't say he didn't have a few accidents inside the first few days, completely normal. he is wonderful, most important to me was his nature as we have 2 other schnauzers also. The last baby was from Skansens in Ca, he is gorgeous, nature is great also, but when we were ready for another pup I read alot of complaints that I had never seen the first time about her kennels. I decided to look elsewhere.
I know alot about the breed and breeders and belong to schnauzer rescue also. I don't take any recues here tho as I have plenty to d with my own pups, and wouldn't chance any diseases being brought in. As for Donna, she keeps her pups in her house,

I called her and we spoke for a while, that's when I knew where I would purchase our pup.She sent em about Georgie all the time and sent pic's and videos every few days. Ok, we picked him up at Newark, easiest thing, was also for my pup from Skansens. When the time comes she will send you a reference# and she makes all the arrangements. Pup comes in from Continental, atleast mine always did. They have a special place for pup pickup, don't even have to go through the hassel of parking in the lots. You pull up to pup pickup, show your licence for ID and your pup is yours, it took all of 5min. Our Georgie is just gorgeous, I would purchase another pup from her anytime. She also returns your em within no time, never had to wait for any? I had . Please let me know how happy you are if you do purchase from Donna. Oh and don't worry about the flight for the pup, both of mine came out wagging their tails and lots of kisses too.

Nancy, NJ

Glad to hear you are considering getting a schnauzer from Donna. We have had schnauzers for more than 20 years. We currently have three and are adding a fourth from Donna out of her Armani. Currently have the two females and one male. We love them all! We got pups from other breeders in Arlington TX, Hudson’s Bend TX and Victoria TX. We got Mattie last summer from Donna and are very pleased! She has been very healthy and a wonderful pet. Very loving fit in with our current pups and loads of fun.
The home environment Donna provides along her concern and special care is amazing.
Our vet examination when we first got Mattie indicated excellent source for pups and has been very pleased with her progress. No health issues!
Hope you join the group!
Ken Donohoo
Hi…We recently adopted Hershey from Donna Irizarry of Taylor, TX…she was such a big help in answering all our questions and explaining all the details involved with buying from a breeder…buying from a breeder was new to us and we were apprehensive in doing so at first…Donna is very knowledgeable about miniature Schnauzers and we now consider her our good friend because she cares very deeply for the babies she gives away…they are an extension of her family to be sure…feel free to ask us anything at all about Donna and our experiences with her…we highly recommend Donna and the puppies she has to offer.

Carol and Paul Darnell
I bought Nelson from Donna last October. He's a very well socialized puppy. He gets along with our older dog very well. We were so pleased with Donna that we decided to get another puppy from her. Duncan joined our family in July and has already doubled his weight. I would recomend Donna for the great job she does with her dogs.
Trena, Maine

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