Friday, June 08, 2018

~~Welcome to Schnauzers Of Taylor~~


I'm very happy that you have found the homepage.  Maybe you are interested in the breed or maybe you are looking for the proper puppy for you. Maybe you already have a miniature schnauzer. You might be my relative or friend or maybe someone just gave you my link. In every case, you are warmly welcome to my website!

We are a Christian family that loves schnauzers. Loves the breed and sleeps with one nightly.
I breed black miniature schnauzers and sometimes have I may have a salt/pepper or a parti.  I guarantee everyone of my babies for 5 years. If you haven't got health and a breeder you can count on, it doesn't matter how beautiful or friendly a miniature schnauzer puppy is. Schnauzers can have many genetic conditions that are often un-foreseen. My goal is to produce the best quality, not quantity. A high quality miniature schnauzer is the combination of the steadfast health, the character with right temperament and the look of a schnauzer.

One misconception about a mini schnauzer is that they should be small. Breeders are selling these undersized schnauzers as teacups. This is not right. A undersized mini schnauzer is NOT a desirable characteristic that should NOT be passed on to offspring.
A breeder should compliment the breed standard and they should look like a schnauzer.

The Mini Schnauzer was originally bred in Germany as a working dog, the miniature schnauzer is a breed known for its fearlessness as well as its fitness. Facing tasks in both sport and as a watch dog, the schnauzer is versatile breed that responds no matter what the calling may be. Today in the U.S., most schnauzers have taken on the role of companion, and just like their ancestors, they excel in their purpose. They are a very tough and sturdy dog which makes them wonderful for children.

Because the miniature schnauzer was originally used as a working dog, its appearance should be strong and stocky, but not overweight.

The miniature schnauzer was bred to work at many types of jobs. Many of the characteristics that were highly desirable for work still remain today. They are fearless guard dogs with a keen sense of alertness and superior level of fitness.
Although no longer employed solely as working dogs, miniature schnauzers are a unique breed that has taken the role of a wonderful family companion.

Here you have a good chance to get to know my breeding principles, my health testing, beloved dogs and other activity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me for quickest response at

****Please note that Schnauzers Of Taylor reserves the right to first pick in any litter regardless of deposits.

******Close To Perfect, Far From Ordinary****


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Girasol said...


Stephanie said...

I love your website.

My coworker is looking for a black male puppy. I cannot believe you had a Gus. My baby's name is Gus.

I'll have to mark your blog to refer people to. YOur dogs are beautiful. :)

Patty Dogster said...

Your dogs are beautiful!

sarah said...

Hi My name is Sarah I'm from Italy I have found your blog surfing (i hope it is the correct words, my English is not so good) Your Dog are wonderful and also the photo are very pretty.
Excuse me for my post
Bye Sarah

Alex said...

Wonderful pictures, very beautiful dogs! I'm ipressed!

Carlos said...

Donna I can't wait to see how bigs the bears get. I stole one of your pics of Ben and put him as my background.

the aphasia decoder.... said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

Bill said...

We stumbled across your blog. You've more information here on and about miniature schnauzers than anywhere else.
Thanks for all the information. We've had two, the first black, the last a B/S, and recently lost her due to liver problems.
Keep the writing and pictures coming.
Bill & Cheryl

Abiding Branch said...

My neighbor sent me to your site to see your little darlings since she is bringing one home soon. :) I have begun a blog on minis, well mine more specifically but I am so excited to see how it goes. I am following you now! Enjoy!

Jan Mill said...

Do you have any all black male ready to sslw?

Schnauzers Of Taylor said...

Please email me at, yes we have a couple solid black males.

Bryan said...

Absolutely beautiful dogs, and I can tell they are loved.