Saturday, May 06, 2017

~~Welcome to Schnauzers Of Taylor~~


I'm very happy that you have found the homepage.  Maybe you are interested in the breed or maybe you are looking for the proper puppy for you. Maybe you already have a miniature schnauzer. You might be my relative or friend or maybe someone just gave you my link. In every case, you are warmly welcome to my website!

We are a Christian family that loves schnauzers. Loves the breed and sleeps with one nightly.
I breed black miniature schnauzers and sometimes have I may have a salt/pepper or a parti.  I guarantee everyone of my babies for 5 years. If you haven't got health and a breeder you can count on, it doesn't matter how beautiful or friendly a miniature schnauzer puppy is. Schnauzers can have many genetic conditions that are often un-foreseen. My goal is to produce the best quality, not quantity. A high quality miniature schnauzer is the combination of the steadfast health, the character with right temperament and the look of a schnauzer.

One misconception about a mini schnauzer is that they should be small. Breeders are selling these undersized schnauzers as teacups. This is not right. A undersized mini schnauzer is NOT a desirable characteristic that should NOT be passed on to offspring.
A breeder should compliment the breed standard and they should look like a schnauzer.

The Mini Schnauzer was originally bred in Germany as a working dog, the miniature schnauzer is a breed known for its fearlessness as well as its fitness. Facing tasks in both sport and as a watch dog, the schnauzer is versatile breed that responds no matter what the calling may be. Today in the U.S., most schnauzers have taken on the role of companion, and just like their ancestors, they excel in their purpose. They are a very tough and sturdy dog which makes them wonderful for children.

Because the miniature schnauzer was originally used as a working dog, its appearance should be strong and stocky, but not overweight.

The miniature schnauzer was bred to work at many types of jobs. Many of the characteristics that were highly desirable for work still remain today. They are fearless guard dogs with a keen sense of alertness and superior level of fitness.
Although no longer employed solely as working dogs, miniature schnauzers are a unique breed that has taken the role of a wonderful family companion.

Here you have a good chance to get to know my breeding principles, my health testing, beloved dogs and other activity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me for quickest response at

****Please note that Schnauzers Of Taylor reserves the right to first pick in any litter regardless of deposits.

******Close To Perfect, Far From Ordinary****

Friday, May 05, 2017

*~*~*~*Litters 2017 *~*~*~*~

Being that we are such a small home hobby breeder, we just do not produce great quantities of babies. We do however strive for quality so you may have to wait for your perfect baby. We hope we can help you find your new family member.

We do have a waitlist for our babies but don't let this scare you. Depending on what is born we could possibly fulfill it quicker than planned. Wait time is approx. 2 months.


Available now from our Mia and Thorin. Classic Mini size.

Litters expected Sept 2017 and ready for home in Nov 2017

Click Here for your questionnaire

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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Price/Waitlist/Deposits/Visiting Us

Included with your new puppy:

1. A well adjusted, socialized, genetically sound, veterinarian checked and certified healthy Mini Schnauzer puppy
2. Age appropriate vaccinations and de-wormings at 2,4,6 and 8  weeks of age
3. Detailed shot record with dates of de-worming and High Neo-par vaccinations
4. Dew claw removal and tail docking
5. Fresh frozen plasma at birth.
6. FIVE year genetic health warranty. (see our Health Guarantee section)
7. Your puppy will of been through our Early Neuro Stimulation program(same as used by our military for produce a better adjusted dog) 
8. A Blanket that smells like your puppy's Mom
9. A collar
10. A Puppy toy that has your puppy's litter mates scent on it
11. A 30 Day trail Pet Insurance from Trupanion note: must be activated within 24 hours of adopting your pooch
12. A Puppy folder with all the information about your puppy
 as well as some training information
13. Lifetime support from Schnauzers Of Taylor
14. Lifetime re-home if needed
15. A litterbox trained puppy
16. Happiness Guarantee*

We do not base pricing on gender, Bitch purchase and stud expense. We do have to calculate though into our puppy pricing the following:

Organic and raw feeding for moms
Health Testing
Stud fees
Ai procedures
Progesterone testing
Brucellosis test
CERF eye certifications
DNA testing
Supplements for bitch
Increased food for bitch
Whelping supplies
Fresh Frozen Plasma for puppy's
Tail docking/removal, Food and vitamins for babies
Items for puppies
Litter Registrations, Puppy packet
Hi Neo-par vaccinations
Wellness exams x 3
Unpaid time off from work
Increased utilities
Transportation and gas.


By being placed on our waitlist you are agreeing to wait for one of our special babies in any future litter. In order to be on our waitlist, we require a $100 deposit per puppy after a approved application. If we do not have what you are looking for, you may apply it to another litter. Only after all litters are exhausted or 6 months will I refund you a waitlist deposit.  If you change your mind though that you do not want a puppy, you may only transfer it to another litter. Otherwise your $100 is non-refundable.
All paypal fees are the responsibility of the buyer.
Once the babies are born and we confirm that we have a baby for you, you will need to pay the deposit balance of $400 for a total of $500 deposit. Please understand that if I contact you that we have a available baby and you do not respond within 48 hours that I will move to the next person on the waitlist. You will then fall into the next litter. This is not fair to parents anxious for a baby.

If you have not been on our waitlist, this is for you. You are buying a puppy after birth then a $500 deposit is required. You must also be approved with a vet reference before a deposit request will be sent.
Once approved and after placing a deposit on a puppy after birth, we will set up visits when we feel babies are ready at 6 weeks of age after our first set of shots. (see our visiting section). Pups are usually picked by their new families based on our waitlist order and the order of deposits received and what I have available. We also make recommendations as to which puppy would be the best fit based on our observation
Because we are so confident in the way we hand raise our puppies that we stand behind them 100% and know you will be just thrilled with your baby.

***Deposits/payments are non-refundable. Once you place a deposit, I stop advertising for that puppy. It takes me a lot of time to relist and resale a older puppy. Some things happen that are unforeseen and beyond our control. If you have placed a deposit on a puppy and the puppy dies, you may choose another puppy if available or I will refund your deposit.....these are things of nature that happen beyond our control.

Finial balance is due at pickup OR if staying longer by 8 weeks. You should expect to pay cash. Pickup date will be set by me when I feel that puppies are ready to leave. If a puppy stays with me longer due to you not being able to pickup a $15.00 fee per day will be added and must be paid upon pick up (this will be enforced). Also you are responsible for any vet visits that occur after 8 weeks of age. If you fail to pick up your puppy any money paid will not be refunded.
I will not hold a puppy without a deposit. I will not hold a puppy for you to decide to purchase without a deposit. Pups are sold to approved homes on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for understanding our rules. Because our waitlist are long please make sure you are prepared for a puppy before contacting me and placing a deposit.

Visiting Us
What is your visitor's policy? The health of our dogs and puppies is important to us so we take every precaution to protect them. We do not allow home visits without a completed questionnaire and vet reference check.
Unfortunately young puppies don’t have fully developed immune systems and are susceptible to life threatening illnesses, including Parvo. When diseases like Parvo strike, they can kill a whole litter in a matter of hours. Disease germs can be carried on people’s clothing and shoes and even your car tires.
For this reason, we ask that you “visit” us first online rather than in person, so that you may safely see our dogs and watch our puppies grow. We photograph our puppies regularly, and post the photos on Facebook or send them by email.  Pictures are taken at birth, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks to the people on our reserve list with little updates on how puppies are doing. Sometimes we share a sweet story or two about them.
If you have paid a deposit for one of our puppies, you will be invited to come meet and if possible, select your puppy when he/she is 6 weeks of age. When you come to meet then later pick up your puppy we ask that you do not visit other litters on the same day, or go places where there may have been dogs who you don’t know (pet stores, parks, rest areas, vet clinics, etc). We also ask that you remove your shoes before entering our home and wear clean clothing. We will ask that you use hand sanitizer and keep your visit short.

The positive side is that you can be assured that when YOUR puppy is born here, we will do everything possible to minimize his/her exposure to deadly diseases. All sales transactions are done face to face; puppies are no longer allowed to be shipped. Please note that the support never stops here. We are more than willing to answer any questions at any time regarding your dog. Please never hesitate to call or email. And we would love to get updates and pictures of your puppy with their new family! Thank you for helping us protect the health of our puppies.


Happiness Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your new puppy after you get home you may gladly return your puppy anytime during the first week. I will replace puppy or I will gladly refund you your money. It is our goal that you are completely satisfied with your new family member. If after two weeks you decide it just will not work out then I will gladly relist your puppy and resale and return money minus $500 to you.

Schnauzers Of Taylor Reserves the right to have first pick on any litters.